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Matin Trading Group offers quality products of saffron as the Arocco brand in the global market.
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Arocco saffron is the best Iranian saffron.
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Saffron is a familiar name to all Iranians around the world.

This valuable plant can be placed in the category of medicinal plants, spices or nuts.

Moreover to Iranians, many people in different countries are familiar with saffron and know its properties.

In this article, we will introduce you to saffron and the best company that offers it.

What is saffron? What are its uses?

Purchase Arocco saffron - the best Iranian saffron

The red filaments that separate and dry from the purple flowers are called saffron.

The saffron flower grows only once a year.

  • This product is used in various industries.
  • Use as a flavoring for a variety of foods
  • Use as a flavoring in a variety of beverages
  • Used in the production of food products such as ice cream, cakes and cookies and …
  • Use of saffron in the preparation of natural colors
  • Use of saffron Saffron in traditional medicine for its many healing properties.

One example of the healing properties of saffron, we can refer to the treatment of depression.

Arocco Saffron Company – the best saffron production company

One of the best brands in the production and packaging of saffron is Arocco Saffron Company.

The products of this company include all types of saffron available in the market.

One of the advantages of this company is the importance of customers’ opinions; it can be effective in choosing the type of saffron and the type of packaging.

Arocco saffron products are offered in different packages by Matin Trading Group in the Iran market as well as in global markets such as European countries.

  • |Common packaging: Arocco saffron package packaging
  • Transparent packaging: Arocco Azin saffron packaging
  • Metal and durable packaging: Arocco Khatam saffron packaging
  • Luxury packaging of Arocco saffron

Arocco Saffron Company tried to identify the best products and use them in packaging.

Buy iranian saffron wirh Matin Co.

Different types of Arocco saffron with different quality

Arocco saffron packaging is marketed in different weights.

Low gram weights such as half a gram, one gram to half a kilogram and one kilogram are available.

Types of Arocco saffron according to quality include the following.

  • Luxury Negin saffron
  • First-class Negin soffron
  • Second-class Negin soffron
  • Lux Sargol soffron
  • First class saffron
  • Second grade saffron
  • Pushal Saffron

As one of the principles of our company is to pay attention to customer requests, so you can choose the type of product.

Purchase Arocco saffron-Export and import saffron

If you want and looking to buy Arocco saffron, you shlould pay attention to the following points.

Matin Trading Group is not the only seller of saffron and nuts.

But, it tries to provide pleasant by providing appropriate services to you.

One of the points of traders in the world market is the preparation and purchase of Iranian saffron and its import to their country.

In addition to selling high quality saffron, we will do all process related to its export from Iran.

As a result, you will just do the customs process in destination country.

Contact our colleagues for the necessary advice.

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