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Export packaged Sargol Saffron to Turkey

Export packaged Sargol Saffron to Turkey

Do you want to import or export packaged saffron to Turkey?
To export saffron to different countries, including Turkey, you need to have licenses and be aware of its laws.
Matin Trading Team, in addition to exporting saffron to Turkey, provides the necessary advice for product selection as well as the best shipping method.

Saffron with the scientific name of (Crocus Sativus) from the Iridaceae family is an old perennial herbaceous plant without stems and bulbs.

This plant has more than 100 components, but its three main components include the following.

  • Crocin (responsible for orange color)
  • picrocrocin (bitter taste)
  • Safranal (responsible for the aroma)

Get to know saffron better

Saffron is among the herb.
Because it has valuable properties and materials that are very useful for the human body.

Three properties of anti-cytotoxicity, antioxidant and the ability to induce apoptosis in infected cells are the most important strategies to combat against malignant cells, which also has the ability to help regulate immune system. The export of packaged saffron from Iran has caused other countries to benefit from its extraordinary properties.

Farmers are is one of the most important factors in improving the production and quality of saffron. Any action done without the farmer’s rule regarding the cultivation of saffron, will not have the desirable outcome.
The reason for this is because the production of saffron and paying attention to the producers leads to better and increasing production of saffron. it should be mentioned production of saffron creates job openings in local areas.

Suitable climate, fertile soil, experienced farmers are among the factors influencing the quality of Iranian saffron,
which has led other countries, including our neighbor Turkey, to buy this expensive spice, for Its uses in different industries. This has attracted the saffron producers and traders.

The best type of saffron for export to Turkey

Now we will introduce you to different types of saffron. Saffron classification based on quality, respectively, includes the following.

  • Negin Saffron
    The three branches of the stigmas are separated from each other. There is no white area in it. It is smooth and without wrinkles. It is also colorful and well-shaped.
  • Sargol Saffron
    There is only saffron stigmas or the cut strings and there is no whiteness or yellowness in saffron. Only the saffron stigma is cut and the strings are available separately and clean.
  • Pushal Saffron
    Contains red saffron stigmas that come with some saffron style.
  • Daste(Bunch) Saffron or Dokhtar-pich
    It contains red, orange and white parts of saffron, which is more like a bouquet.
  • Soft Saffron
    Very small and broken strands of saffron are called soft saffron. Another name for it is broken saffron.
  • White Saffron
    Other names are Soot saffron and Style saffron. It’s Like other parts of saffron and does not give any color, but it has the aroma and taste. It is mostly used in food industries and traditional medicine.

But now the question arises that among the different types of saffron, which one is more suitable for export to other countries?

The best saffron for export

Among the mentioned saffrons, Negin saffron and Sargol saffron are among the best types of saffron that have the highest amount of color. However, between these two types, which one should we choose as export saffron?

We suggest you to buy Sargol saffron because Sargol is one of the best examples of saffron and most customers are more familiar with this type. In this type of saffron, there is no yellow part or saffron root and only the cut saffron strand is present. Finally, among the types of saffron, Sargol is used more than others. The color strength of this product is 200 to 230.

Therefore, the most suitable saffron for export to Turkey and other neighboring countries is Sargol saffron.

Exporting saffron to Turkey – the best way to export

Turkey is a neighbor and shares borders with Iran. Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and annually hosts a large number of tourists from around the world. Due to the diversity of the country’s climate, tourists visit it all year. In addition, it is commercially and economically connected with European countries, and these factors make Turkey a suitable destination for exporting first-class Iranian saffron.

Methods of exporting goods include air, sea and land, which according to the desired product, which is saffron, it must be exported to Turkey by airline. This is because saffron, despite its small weight and volume, has a very, very high material value, and exporting it by other available methods has no rational or economic justification.

So we always remind you to use airlines to export this important product.

Price of saffron in Turkey per kilo

It should be noted that Turkey is a country with a high number of tourists during the year and even in terms of currency value, the currency value of this country is higher than Iran and the market for saffron sales in Turkey with the ratio of currency prices and daily changes in the saffron market is not stable.
Therefore, the price and cost of saffron in that country is different from a country like Iran.

We suggest traders and merchants who would like to do business in the field of saffron to first measure the market and gain knowledge about then take action to buy saffron. It is necessary to mention that the price of saffron in the Turkish daily market is different from its price in sales companies.

If you want to get more information about saffron exports to Turkey and about the process of saffron exports, contact us.

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