Products of Matin Trading Group

Matin Trading Group is always trying to increase the variety of its products in order to be able to offer good products to its customers.

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Bulk saffron

  • Types of Negin saffron

  • Types of saffron Sargol

  • Types of pushal saffron

  • Types of bunch saffron

  • All kinds of soft and broken saffron

  • Saffron pollen

  • White Saffron

  • Saffron flag

  • Dried saffron petals

Saffron packaging

  • In different weights such as one gram and …
  • In different packaging designs

Saffron seasoning

  • Saffron extract
  • Saffron tea
  • Saffron syrup
  • Saffron spray

Saffron packing box

  • Paper saffron packaging box
  • Velvet, cashmere and leather saffron packaging box
  • Wooden saffron packaging box

Saffron containers

Saffron polycrystalline (plastic) containers

  • Flat saffron containers (circular, rectangular, triangular, etc.)
  • Standing and bulky saffron dishes

metal dishes

  • Cylindrical metal saffron containers
  • Cubic saffron dishes

Saffron glass containers

  • Saffron glass containers with cork lids
  • Saffron glass containers with metal lids

Other products for packaging

  • Mortar
  • Pyrex saffron teapot
  • And…


  • Raw Pistachios

  • Salted pistachios

  • Pistachio kernels

  • Pistachio slices

  • Pistachio powder





Rock Candy


Damask rose


The company's products are generally in the following categories.

Types of saffron and high quality Iranian saffron seasoning

Types of containers and products for packaging saffron and nuts

Types of saffron processing machines

Types of nuts and other products

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