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Pushal saffron is the most common saffron in buying and selling in kilograms in the Iranian saffron market.
Saffron is the various red world of the real world.
Saffron with red stigmas among medicinal plants that grows in heart of saffron flowers.

This valuable product is known as red gold because it has a very high business value.

Iranian saffron is known as the best saffron in the world.
In this article, we try to introduce you to this valuable product and we will introduce the best way to buy Iranian Pushal saffron.

Powerful strengths of saffron for women

One of the reasons for the high value of saffron is its many benefits and properties.

Saffron has many benefits, one of which we will mention below.
• One of the most important effects of saffron is its effects during pregnancy.
• Feeding of saffron during pregnancy has different effects.
• Consumption of saffron during pregnancy should be done very carefully.
• If saffron is used in the first trimester of pregnancy, it may cause miscarriage.
• Contrariwise, if used in the last days of pregnancy, it can reduce the pain of the moment of accouchement.
• Other effects of saffron for women include reducing menstrual pain.

Consumption of saffron tea with cantaloupe can help a lot.

Types of Iranian saffron and their differences

Now that we are familiar with saffron and some of its properties, we can get acquainted with the types of Iranian saffron and their differences.

Types of Iranian saffron are divided into 4 general categories:
• The best saffron called Negin saffron
• High quality saffron Sargol
• Pushal Saffron
• Bunch saffron

Each of the mentioned types has physical and chemical characteristics.

The shape of saffron that makes a difference in the types of saffron, the following can be mentioned.

• Saffron strings should be taper – Fracture rate of saffron string – pollen in the product – aroma and color of saffron

Each of the mentioned cases can be effective in determining the type of saffron.

Buy Iranian Pushal saffron-the most common saffron

According to the mentioned characteristics, now we will describe the type of Pushal saffron.
By buying Iranian Pushal saffron, you can be sure that you have chosen one of the best types of saffron.

Pushal saffron:
The three strings are connected.

The largest purchase of straw saffron is in Spain.

The best way to purchase Pushal saffron is to prepare and buy it from reputable global companies.

The best way to buy saffron in high quality types in wholesales

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