Selling all kinds of Saffron, Nuts, Rock Candy and ... Matin Trading Company Consulting Product About Us Introduction Matin Trading Company has been established with
the aim of selling and exporting various Iranian products
such as saffron, dried fruits, candies, etc.
About Us Products Types of saffron Saffron Tea Saffron Syrup Saffron Spray Saffron Extract Saffron seasoning Packaged saffron Bulk saffron Rock Candy Luxury packs Velvet, wooden and paper boxes Crystal, metal and glass containers Saffron Container Barberry Pistachio Other products Cumin Jujube Cardamom Damask rose Nuts Mission Matin Trading Group, in order to provide, sell and export all kinds of the best Iranian products, strives to always be a good supplier for all its customers around the world. Goals Easy access for customers to a variety of quality saffron products
Introducing the best and highest quality Iranian products to all customers
Increase customer satisfaction according to need and feedback
Collaborate with the best production and service teams to improve the quality of customer service
Expand the variety of products to complete the products
Policy We believe that we must follow our principles:
best quality
The most reasonable price
The latest packaging designs
The highest level of service
Promote and maintain customer satisfaction
170 Number of products
11 company's stuffs
8 Consulting production projects
324 Loyal customers
1 Number of offices
29 Design projects

We turn your ideas into reality

Consultant and implementer of various projects

Ideation, design and production of various types of saffron packaging in different weights

Consultant and implementation of saffron packaging production lines

Saffron Investment Manager


Purchasing consultant

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Implementation of production system


Customs clearance consulting

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Design consulting



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