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Export of Negin Chin packaged saffron to Europe

Export of Negin Chin packaged saffron to Europe

Packaged saffron is being exported to different European countries in brands such as Negin Chin and Arocco.
If you are looking to import first-class saffron, be sure to contact us.
Export saffron (Iranian Saffron-Negin Chin saffron) to Europe by Matin Co.

In this article, we try to introduce you to high quality Iranian saffron that is exported to different European countries.

You may be one of the customers to buy saffron, but you do not know how to buy and import saffron to your country. let us provide the necessary guidance.

Familiarity with saffron – let’s get to know the original Iranian saffron

To get acquainted with saffron, just use this product once.
Test it with different methods taught by Matin Co and use it in cooking different foods.
there, you will realize its properties and benefits.

If you live in places with hot weather and need to quench your thirst, we suggest using the following combination.

Saffron syrup with lemon

The combination of fresh lemon juice with saffron has a very good aroma, a very pleasant taste that creates freshness for you.
This drink can cool your body in the hot seasons.
Be sure to try it once.

The most important saffron investment opportunity in Europe

Saffron consumption varies from country to country.

Some countries know about it and as a result people of that country use saffron.

But in some other countries, there is still not enough knowledge about saffron.

Merchants and traders in all countries should pay attention to the fact that saffron is one of the most profitable products that can be invested in.

If every person uses this product only once in cooking their food, they will surely want to buy and reuse it.

Matin Co. can be a good partner for you.

  • Supply and preparation of the best Iranian saffron
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses to sell and export saffron
  • Carrying out customs affairs and exporting it to the destination country

It is only a part of the services provided by this company.

Export of packaged Saffron – Import of saffron to Europe

One of the best markets for Saffron is European countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.

Saffron can be purchased in two ways.

Gram Saffron packed

kilogram Saffron packaging

To import and sell saffron in Europe market, you can buy gram packaged saffron in different designs and shapes.

There are various brands that offer Iranian saffron in global markets.

Matin Co. sells its products in the world market under two brands of Negin Chin saffron and Arocco saffron.

Negin Chin saffron is produced and packaged from the best Iranian Sargol and Negin saffron.

You can place your orders for pocket packaging, polycrystalline packaging as well as metal packaging.

Contact us to get information and view products.

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